100kick joins FS Global (my illegal run)

Ludwik C. Siadlak


As you may know, I plan to earn $100k by the end of year. Starting from scratch.
I keep a diary on a dedicated channel in my discords community.

Now since there’s no better way of keeping the engine running by having some friends cheer and support you, I decided I will join the ranks of Firestarters Global Contest.
Firestarters is an exclusive community of entrepreneurs founded by one and only Mirek Burnejko.

Now the problem is I cannot legally participate in the contest. The T&C state clearly, that in order to participate you need to:

  1. Start global business having no more than 500€ starting budget
  2. You need to live in Poland
  3. You cannot be employed by or work for Transparent World Ltd.

Well, I do have 500€ :)

But I don’t live in Poland. And I’ve recently been appointed CEO of eduworlds – disrupting education platform, which is partially owned by Transparent World.

So even though I am not entitled to participate in the contest, I will be running along side. It may be kinda illegal, I know, but who could stop me?

So what I decided I’d do here, is building a side-hustle project called DataPlatform.Academy.

It’s about time to productize my services.

The goal is to build:

  1. DataPlatform.Academy itself – platform with the best SQL/BI courses I usually provide on in-person/in-class basis.
  2. DataPlatform.Studio – podcast to guide young data platform specialists how to develop their careers by interviewing the industry stars.
  3. DataPlatform.Observer – a newsletter to provide bite-size overview of latest news from the industry.

The only thing that exist in this realm so far is the DataPlatform.Microlearning – my YouTube channel where I make super short videos solving the most common problems and answering the questions about SQL, Azure Synapse and PowerBI

If you want to follow my journey, you can either keep up with me on my socials, this blog, but if you really want to get involved and become a part of Rebel Alliance join me on Discord. That’s where you can feel the real force.

Current status:
Income: 0€
Expenses: 0€

Written by Ludwik C. Siadlak

Lifehacker. Master Trainer at Advanced Training Solutions.
Ex super-bike racer.

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