How To Make Enter Key Send Message on iPad (2021)

The iPadOS 14.4 update that installed itself on my iPad last night changed the default settings of Magic Keyboard.

In previous versions of iPadOS, all the way up to 14.3, hitting Enter key at the end of your message would automatically send the message. Once you are used to that – and you’re also used to press Shift-Enter to break the line instead of sending the message right away – it is very(!) convenient.

To Make Enter Key Send Message on iPad

As in many cases StackExchange comes to the rescue. It’s not the new issue, as Mike vE provided the answer over 8 years ago, back in 2013″

Go into “Settings” then navigate to “General“, go to “Keyboard” option. Select the “International Keyboards” option and change your “Hardware Keyboard layout” from “U.S.” to “U.S.International-PC.

Boom. Easy as that!

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