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Sebastian Koczyk

Business Analyst

Hiring Ludwik as my Mentor was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I always dreamt of having my own online products. Within the first few weeks of us working together I've successfully launched my first online product, grew my YouTube channel, started an online community and soon I'm launching my first online course which will be a huge success - I'm certain!

Working with Ludwik is worth every penny!

Here’s what everyone is saying about Ludwik.

The instructor was very knowledgeable on the subject and always kept the class professional and on task.

Denny Hargrave

Excellent instructor. Extremely knowledgeable, articulate and personable. Best instructor I've had in many years.

Betty Greenberg

Ludwik is the best instructor I have ever met. His knowledge and teaching skills made this course incredibly interesting even for person who is quite familiar with this software.

Paweł Cerkaski

Ludwik was very personable and makes the instruction easy to follow. Great class, thank you!

Anna-Elise Anderson

5 stars. This was was very well thought and NOT slide show driven. The hands on approach was most helpful and the labs put the final nail in the lesson. With all sincerity, I believe the course is very well thought out. Other than that this was an amazing class. Thank you for the great dialog and for the review of my website.

Jonathan Keith Layton Jr

Super professional!!! Sharp looking and prepped every day! Even when taking off the "instructor hat" the knowledge that was shared is just superb! Every tool he utilized he was very comfortable with (screen sharing, drawing tools, etc.) and never hesitated to pause when someone had a question, clearly answer and give examples, and then continue without skipping a beat! 

This type of training, like I told Ludwik, I wish was available to me when I became a warrant officer in charge of building and developing a SharePoint server for the BCT. Everything he touched on I had to google, which is a shame when we have experts like him that can help develop our knowledge base! This man has experience and knowledge that needs to continue to be shared with the Military's personnel!

Hats off to you sir, you are a true IT professional and it was truly a please to get re-educated, sparking that light again!

Derek Colin Vobornik

Very knowledgable about the subject and all the side bar info was great!

Very nice class and very informative instructor!

Eric C. Ehrenfried

Delivery was perfect - truly passionate about his work and knowledgable. Highly impressed with the instructor and his virtual teaching environment and patience.

Warm and kind to listen to all his comments about the course and extra bits of information.

Ruben G Castillo

Explanatory and visually engaging, especially with the relatable drawings and and associated explanations. I've taken a multitude of Microsoft Courses and this has to be ranked up there with the best of them. Functionality and development questions were articulated in a manner that didn't seem overly "tech-y" and yet where answered efficiently.

Chad Lewis

5/5! Incredibly professional and well put together. His setup was awesome and had a Plan B when things went wrong. Easily showed he is an expert in the field by talking about the past of Microsoft and what changes may/will be coming. Speaking as a “beginner” at SharePoint, the labs were great and incredibly helpful for what I will be doing as my organization’s KMR. Worth taking the time away from the office to focus on! *Another classmate and I asked: “why aren’t all Army provided classes like this?”

Thank you SO much for making this so easy. Great class. I hope SETAF hires you more often :)

Bianca Castillo

Ludwik's engaging approach for the students and willingness to assist at any given time during the course were absolutely refreshing for a military class, even those given by 3rd party entities. Besides, the fact that he knew the answer for every single question indicates complete proficiency of the instructor for the subject being taught, which is not the case usually. Since this is a virtual course, I think it would be best if we could share our screen occasionally so that he can help us navigate issues which may not be present on his end. Also, I think the SETAF KMO ought to give him access to some SETAF functions of the SharePoint so that he can teach those as well.

I found this course to be very educational, and Ludwik's instructional methods very satisfying. The entire setup on how to display the information, to the drawings he does to Keep It Simple for Students and in a manner which even those with little or no experience could understand, to his intuitive back up platforms, and last but not least his personality, are key ingredients which every class and instructor should present.


Thank you so much for this course. I came into this course with little to no understanding and experience and am leaving with confidence to not only navigate, but deliver as well. Ludwik had a wealth of knowledge to teach and always provided detail oriented instruction.

He always made sure to answer our questions and even circle back to a question when it applied in a new lesson, I really appreciated that he did check-ins with the students when moving from one task to another, This provided everyone an opportunity to clarify, ask questions, or get ready for the next lesson.

I thought the class was great. Ludwik was very professional, easy going, and extremely helpful. His studio really made it feel like we were in a class environment, not just on another Teams meeting.

Carly Bopp

5/5 extremely valuable! The instructor's personality made the course so enjoyable -- I laughed and learned (what could be better?) and look forward to future classes with Ludwik! The course is perfect as is.

I will recommend the course to colleagues! 

April O. House

Ludwik is very knowledgeable and he is really good at linking all the different parts of Microsoft together. I was able to see the big picture on how the different programs interact. Compared to in-class environment, I think that virtual class still met the intent of the class.

Michelle Marlin

Ludwik is very professional, competent and trustworthy. His knowledge of the subject was displayed everyday of the course. His "hand on" explanation of the problem and dissection of the same problem gave me a better understanding of it.

Marques Goncalo

Exceptional knowledge, flexibility to answer any questions in SQL theme, high level of communication.

Jerzy Gebler

From The Clients

5.0  ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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