Is SQL Server Free? 🤑

Ludwik C. Siadlak


In this episode of 2-minute SQL I answer the question:
Can you get SQL Server for FREE?

[Music] hey guys i’m Ludwik and this is – the two-minute sequel series where i’m addressing the most common questions about sql server that you’ll find online that you may get sick and tired of so let me address all of them in this little series so the question of the day is whether sql server is free whether you can get a free version of sql server and the


Answer is yes all you need to do is just to go to sql server website and then go to the downloads and below the sql server in azure and at the edge and on premises you will have a section where you can download a free and specialized edition of sql server and these is versions they come or sorry editions they do come in two flavors there is a sql server developer and sql server express now the developer edition is basically a full featured enterprise


Edition of sql server and it’s free now why is that well obviously it’s a licensing cache because you can use the developer edition of your sql server with no limits whatsoever but you cannot do that on the production environment so you can only use that for non-production environment for your testing for for your development if you do want to use your sql server on the production environment and don’t pay a


Dime then just go for an sql server express but the thing is that this version is very limited so for example you don’t have sql server agent so you cannot automate pretty much anything and on top of that depending on the version of sql server so again addition is whether it’s enterprise or standard or business intelligence or developer express depending on the version like 2012 2014 2016 2019 as we have right now on the website or


2022 which is just around the corner it those limits will be different like if you have the sq server express 20 2005 laying somewhere in there uh on the dvd or a cd then those limits will be very harsh on you like just one core that you can use just one gigabyte worth of data the worth of ram or the database will be only one gigabyte or four gigabytes large that’s the limit that you can have so yeah sql server can be free


If you know how you’ll be using this particular solution if it’s a enterprise level solution you can get it for free but just for testing and development if it’s this super small desktop app or a web app that you want to create and maybe start selling to your customers then again if it’s so small that you can stick with sql server express go for it it will be free for you so again this is just a tip of an iceberg what we’ll covering on our

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Written by Ludwik C. Siadlak

Lifehacker. Master Trainer at Advanced Training Solutions.
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In this episode of 2-minute SQL I answer the question:Can you get SQL Server for FREE? [Music] hey guys i’m Ludwik and this is – the two-minute sequel

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