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Highly impressed with the instructor

Delivery was perfect - truly passionate about his work and knowledgable. Highly impressed with the instructor and his virtual teaching environment and patience.

Warm and kind to listen to all his comments about the course and extra bits of information.

Ruben G Castillo - 414th Contracting Support Brigade

Freaking awesome!

He was freaking awesome!

The Best Trainer

The best trainer I had pleasure working with. Top notch knowledge and contact.

Lots of knowledge

The instructor performed very well, and willingly answered additional questions outside the main scope. He had lots of knowledge and presented it in a very understandable way.

Creative and effective solutions

Ludwik was thorough, well paced, and over all patient with the numerous issues we ran into. He found creative and effective solutions for problems ranging from power outages to hyper-v domain controller issues and even running out of wi-fi data before Friday.

Top notch communicator

Very flexible and ready to work with the group at all times. Highly professional. Top notch communicator.

Very knowledgable about the subject and all the side bar info was great!

Very nice class and very informative instructor!

Eric C. Ehrenfried - US ARMY: 79TSC FWD

Excellent Instructor

Excelent Instructor, I'd recommend him to anyone!

Enthusiastic presentations

Thanks for your enthusiastic presentations these days! It has been an pleasure to be on your course.


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