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Lots of knowledge

The instructor performed very well, and willingly answered additional questions outside the main scope. He had lots of knowledge and presented it in a very understandable way.

This was an amazing class

5 stars. This was was very well thought and NOT slide show driven. The hands on approach was most helpful and the labs put the final nail in the lesson. With all sincerity, I believe the course is very well thought out. Other than that this was an amazing class. Thank you for the great dialog and for the review of my website.

Jonathan Keith Layton Jr - 79th TSC, US Army

The Best Trainer

The best trainer I had pleasure working with. Top notch knowledge and contact.

He truly do know what he is talking about.

Very energic and knowledgeable teacher. Fun guy as well. He truly do know what he is talking about. I lovd that Ludwik hold the theory on the first half of the day, men we took the modules on the second half of the day.

Hats off to you, Sir, you are a true IT professional

Super professional!!! Sharp looking and prepped every day! Even when taking off the "instructor hat" the knowledge that was shared is just superb! Every tool he utilized he was very comfortable with (screen sharing, drawing tools, etc.) and never hesitated to pause when someone had a question, clearly answer and give examples, and then continue without skipping a beat!

This type of training, like I told Ludwik, I wish was available to me when I became a warrant officer in charge of building and developing a SharePoint server for the BCT. Everything he touched on I had to google, which is a shame when we have experts like him that can help develop our knowledge base! This man has experience and knowledge that needs to continue to be shared with the Military's personnel!

Hats off to you sir, you are a true IT professional and it was truly a please to get re-educated, sparking that light again!

Derek Colin Vobornik - HHD, 307th MI BN, 207th MIB(T) - Army


Outstanding :-) May talk a little fast, though

Competent and Trustworthy

Ludwik is very professional, competent and trustworthy. His knowledge of the subject was displayed everyday of the course. His "hand on" explanation of the problem and dissection of the same problem gave me a better understanding of it.

Marques Goncalo - Havforskningsinstituttet, Bergen, Norway

Top notch communicator

Very flexible and ready to work with the group at all times. Highly professional. Top notch communicator.

Very skilled Instructor.

Very skilled Instructor.


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