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This course is perfect as it is.

5/5 extremely valuable! The instructor's personality made the course so enjoyable -- I laughed and learned (what could be better?) and look forward to future classes with Ludwik! The course is perfect as is.

I will recommend the course to colleagues!

April O. House - US Army - G2, Vicenza, Italy

Visually engaging

Explanatory and visually engaging, especially with the relatable drawings and and associated explanations. I've taken a multitude of Microsoft Courses and this has to be ranked up there with the best of them. Functionality and development questions were articulated in a manner that didn't seem overly "tech-y" and yet where answered efficiently.

Chad Lewis - SETAF-AF G5, Vicenza, Italy

Always kept the class professional

The instructor was very knowledgeable on the subject and always kept the class professional and on task.

Really good at explaining

Really good at explaining and easy to understand.

Competent and Trustworthy

Ludwik is very professional, competent and trustworthy. His knowledge of the subject was displayed everyday of the course. His "hand on" explanation of the problem and dissection of the same problem gave me a better understanding of it.

Marques Goncalo - Havforskningsinstituttet, Bergen, Norway

Great instructor!

Great instructor! Would easily recommend Ludwik to anyone wanting to learn Transact-SQL, or any other Microsoft product for that matter, as he's energetic, knowledgeable, competent and great at teaching. 10/10.

Excellent Instructor

Excelent Instructor, I'd recommend him to anyone!

Enthusiastic presentations

Thanks for your enthusiastic presentations these days! It has been an pleasure to be on your course.

The instructor was perfect

The instructor was perfect and had a lot of knowledge about Power BI.


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