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April 18, 2022


April 18, 2022


April 18, 2022


Ludwik C. Siadlak

Professional Life Hacker (what the hell does it mean?!)

Academically - University of Oxford, UK graduate. 

Professionally - Microsoft Certified Trainer 

Personally - husband and father of 2 + the dog.

Random facts:

Online since dialling-up at 14.4kbps back in October 1996. Blogging since 2006. Honorary citizen of New Britain, CT. Called "The King of Twitter" in 2014 by national newspaper. Totalled a motorcycle, never had a car accident. Avid reader. Ran a vlog for 256+ days in a row. 

[ Here you will find 100s of testimonials from my ex-students]

Joseph A. Ramaglia

US Army Africa 

Very intuitive experience. Great hands-on training with a knowledgeable instructor.

Julia Stewart

Product Manager

" Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, sagittis consectetur elit, sed duius eiusmod tempor incididunt."