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SharePoint End/Power User Course

Course starts on Tuesday, August 15 at 0900 CET


Course began on time.
Please use the link below to launch the course.


Before the Course Week:

Please read the following instructions carefully.

They contain all the necessary details for you to fully participate in the course and receive the certificate afterwards. 

Hello, You have been scheduled for a SharePoint course next week. 

Our course will be delivered online via Teams. 

Course takes place from Tuesday till Friday, as Monday is a training holiday for many of you.


Course starts on Tuesday, August 15, at 0900 CEST. We will use Microsoft Teams and you should have already received the invitation to Tuesday's call.

 [IMPORTANT: Please note, that according to current policies, the webcams need to be turned ON at ALL times during the class hours.]


Please use the button on the right hand side of this page to launch the meeting.

Alternatively you can use the following link to join the meeting (please copy and paste the ENTIRE link below to your web browser.)

[will be inserted on Monday morning]

 You can use the Teams app being logged in to your military account. If for any reason it does not work for you, please join via web browser: 


If you want to use your private Teams account instead of your military-provided account – that’s fine, but you need to email me first, so I can add you to the Team. For the most of the course the government-provided equipment is NOT necessary, as the platform you will be using does not require logging in using your CAC.


  • You can use your personal Team account and personal laptop, as long as it has stable internet connection
  • Working WEB CAM [!]
  • Microphone and speakers. 
  • Headphones are much preferred to provide you with better experience and will let you focus on course content instead of the distracting sounds from your surroundings. 

IMPORTANT: Please note, that according to current policies, the webcams need to be turned ON at ALL times during the class hours.


If you have any questions regarding the course, time frame, content, agenda, etc – we will cover everything first thing Monday morning.

If you have any questions regarding the virtual meeting, trouble connecting (please join 15-30 minutes before the course start on Monday, to ensure we have plenty of time to fix your issue) – please reply to this email, or reach me on WhatsApp at +491628332261 or email me at

Your onsite POC would be Mr. David Aldarondo at 324-639-6887.

See you on Monday, 0900 CEST.

Best regards, 
mit freundlichen Grüßen, migliori saluti

Ludwik C. Siadlak

During the Course Week:

 Button will become active on the course day at 0600 CET

If you have any questions or issues,
please reach out to your instructor, by clicking here.

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