Tuesday Morning Lab

  1. Go to May2021 site
  2. Go to Settings Cog 
  3. Access the Site Contents 
  4. Scroll down to the Subsites 
  5. Create a new subsite 
    1. Tuesday YourName Inherited
    2. URL: Tuesday-YourName-Inherited
    3. Team template
    4. Same permissions as parent
    5. Top bar links: yes
  6. Go back to May2021 site
  7. Go to Settings Cog 
  8. Access the Site Contents 
  9. Scroll down to the Subsites 
  10. Verify your Inherited site is listed there
  11. Create a new subsite 
    1. Monday YourName Unique
    2. URL: Monday-YourName-Unique
    3. Team template
    4. Use Unique permissions
    5. Top bar links: no
  12. On the Group creation screen: 
    1. Add Everyone to Visitors group
    2. Add Students 10, 11,12 and 14 as members
    3. Add Student 15 and 17 as Co-owner
      Side note: Make it a habit to validate names in each of the boxes to make sure you will avoid any issues with creating the groups. If you did, Sharepoint had notified you that Student 17 doesn’t exits, therefore you need to remove them from the list before proceeding.
  13. Go back to May2021 site *
  14. Go to Settings Cog 
  15. Access the Site Contents 
  16. Scroll down to the Subsites 
  17. Verify both your Inherited and Unique sites 
    are listed there
  18. Go to your Unique Site 
  19. Access the Site Settings -> Site Permissions 
  20. Delete Unique Permissions 
  21. Access site permissions to verify your site is using same permissions as parent site
    Side Note: that at this point you have 2 sites that use inherited permissions and yet are named differently. 
  22. Access this one of your sites which is called Unique even though it’s using Inherited permissions. We need to fix that. 
  23. Report back in chat that you’re done
  24. *EXTRA EXERCISE, if you have completed the lab above and still have some time left:
    1. Create a 3rd site (call it e.g. Tuesday-YourName-Third)
    2. Make it unique. 
    3. On the next screen do not add anyone to Visitors Group
    4. Re-use some the members group that you have created for your Unique site earlier on. 
    5. Keep yourself as on Owner. 
  25. Access Site permissions and create a new group called “Yourname-ViewOnly”. 
  26. Decide on the rest of the settings for this group. 
    1. If you have ANY questions or ANYTHING is still unclear – just ask. I know it’s sounds cliché, but… I’m here for you! 🙂 
  27. Their permission level should be set in a way that they will be able to visit your site, but won’t be able to download anything (e.g they will be able to view the contents of the PDF but not download it to their desktops). 
  28. Add 2 random Students to this group. 
  29. Report back in chat if you’ve completed the lab incl. the Extra Exercise .
  30. Access this one of your sites which is called Unique even though it’s using Inherited permissions. 

ETA: 30-45 min. Monitor the chat where I will keep track of the progress. We will start about 10 minutes after everyone’s done, so you can grab a coffee before the next module.