Thursday Morning Lab

  1. Make sure you are on May2021 SharePoint site.
  2. Note, that during the entire time of this lab I’m here in Teams chat and/or audio to support you with any challenges you may face during this quite lengthy lab. I appreciate your understanding!
  3. Go to site contents and create a new site
  4. Call it YourName Thursday Site
  5. Use inherited permissions
  6. Change the looks and logo of your site to make it look more personal
  7. Create a new Custom List app for your Employees.
    a. You may notice the following list building exercise is pretty similar if not exactly the same as the one you have completed yesterday. It’s designed this way on purpose, because as you may remember – repetitio mater studiorum est.
  8. Go to the list settings and rename the Title column to First Name
  9. Add a Last Name column
    a. Type: single line of text
    b. Required
    c. Not unique
  10. Add an Experience column
    a. Type: Number
    b. Required
    c. 0 decimal places
    d. Max value: 20a
  11. Add Certified column
    a. Type: Yes/No
    b. Description: “Are you SharePoint Certified?
  12. Add at least 10-12 people to the list with different experiences
  13. Sort them alphabetically
  14. …or by Experience
  15. Show only certified personnel
  16. Clear the filters
  17. Add a new app called “Ranks
  18. Rename the Title column to “Rank
  19. Add some Army ranks to the list:
    a. (1) PVT
    b. (2) PFC
    c. (3) SPC
    d. (4) SGT
    f. …. etc
  20. Note:
    1. You don’t need all of the ranks, this is just an exercise!
  21. Go back to your Employees list
  22. Add a “Lookup” column called Location to pull information about the city where they are located.
  23. Choose a city for each one of your KMRs
  24. * OPTIONAL: Export this list to Excel
    a. Change 1-2 items on your list
    b. On Data tab click on Refresh to verify
    that all data reflects what is stored on SharePoint
  25. Create a new view called Public Info
    a. Make it public and default view for this list
  26. Save changes and see if it works as expected <- important!
  27. Modify the view to hide the Location column
  28. Save changes and see if it works as expected <- important!
  29. Modify the view to change the order of first name and last name columns (make sure you are NOT modifying the All Items view!)
  30. Save changes and see if it works as expected <- important!
  31. Create a new view called KMOs
    a. Make it public
    b. Hide the Location column
    c. Change the order of Last Name and First name
  32. At this point the KMOs and Public Info should look the same.
  33. Compare them to verify.
  34. Modify the KMOs view to sort data alphabetically by Last Name and then by First Name if the Last Names are duplicates in some cases
    a. You may want to add another item to your list to verify it works
  35. Save changes and see if it works as expected <- important!
  36. Modify the KMOs view to filter by our requirements
    a. Certified column is equal to Yes
    b. Experience column is greater than or equal to 5
  37. Make sure that you understand the difference between AND and OR logical operators
  38. Modify this view to hide both Experience and Certified column
  39. Go to the All Items view of your list.
  40. Add someone who meets all the necessary requirements to become the KMO and see that they are showing up on the KMOs view as well.
  41. Modify one person who was a KMO but lost their certificate. They will be removed from the KMOs view without further action on your side!
  42. Access the All Items view on your list
  43. Turn on version history (List Settings on the ribbon, then Versioning Settings)
  44. Change 1 item 3-4 times
  45. Restore version 2.0
  46. Limit the number of history versions to retain to 3
  47. Change the same item another 3-4 times
  48. See that your initial versions (1.0, 2.0…) are gone
  49. Turn on content approval
  50. Change 1-2 items
  51. Reject one and approve one (with the proper Approvers Comment)
  52. Turn content approval off.
  53. Create a Task list app
    1. Add 2-3 multiday events
    2. Add 2-3 single-day event
    3. Remember to add predecessors
    4. Put all of those tasks on the timeline
  54. Create a new Work calendar
  55. Go to calendar settings and edit the Category column
  56. Change the list of available choices to something meaningful for your work
  57. Put 4-5 events on this calendar
    a. Make some of the single events
    b. All-day events
    c. Multi day events
    d. Make sure some of them have location set
    to Vicenza and some to Del-Din
    e. Once creating these event choose the proper categories
  58. Create Personal Calendar
  59. Put 4-5 events on this calendar
    a. Make some of them repeating daily
    b. Make some of them repeating weekly
    c. Make some of them repeating biweekly
  60. Create 3rd, empty calendar and call it “Big Picture”
  61. Overlay this 3rd calendar with both work and personal calendars
  62. Go back to your work calendar and create a calendar view to see only the Vicenza-based events
  63. Go to your Big Picture calendar to edit the overlay and make sure that you will display ALL of the personal event and ONLY the work events that take place in Vicenza
  64. If you have any questions left – just ask!
  65. Report back if you are done with the lab, so I can keep track and we can move on!