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Database Experts are in a VERY HIGH DEMAND* these days. I literally cannot extend my workday any further.

I need YOU to get them off my back. 
They have money and they have resources. 

And they need YOU. Today.

* - over 415,000+ job openings mention SQL - and that's on LinkedIn alone.

Course curriculum:

Module 1: Introduction

What is SQL? What is a database? What's the difference between SQL, T-SQL and PL/SQL?

And - most importantly - how to access a table? 

Module 2: First Results

How to limit your query results? How to limit number of columns? How to limit number of rows?
Horizontal and vertical axis explained!

Module 3: Filtering Explained

How to filter the data? How to search for the data in SQL? Why is it important to focus only on the data important for the user?

Module 4: Whole New World

How to choose the SQL path: do you want to become professional DBA - Database Administrator? Or do you want to become DBDEV - Database Developer? 

Start your new career today and #LearnToEarn

Course begins: 28 Mar 2023 

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Course begins: 28 Mar 2023 

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Course begins: 28 Mar 2023 

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